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Rick Schmidt - NPD, National Parts Depot

Hey Neil,Word must've gotten back to you, because I had been intending to write you regarding my positive experience prepping my Mark II for Pebble, and the resulting best-of-class I won.
In any case, just to clarify, the Mark II was actually originally ordered by Henry Ford II (son of Edsel) for his first wife Anne. It has a few unique "one-of-one" features that qualified it for the class at Pebble, not to mention it was the poster car for Pebble Beach this year per the direct-request of Edsel Ford II (it was his mother's car  ).

Anyhow, it's a black car, and I was really sweating what I'd use as a "finish-wax" on it that wouldn't model or swirl or haze. I got your sample of the Triple Play, literally, a few days before I started detailing for Pebble. It seemed very "thin" and watery the way it sprayed-out, which actually seemed PROMISING to me, because I figured it would buff-out with none of the greasiness of a traditional liquid or paste.

I was right, the car came out mind-blowing. Absolutely mind-blowing. I won't name names, but the president of a very well-known and high-end wax company came back to my car three different times to stare at the finish, and commented "unbelievable" with every visit.. I don't know if he was impressed or angry. No, it wasn't Barry Meguiar, I'm talking HIGH END waxes here.. Jay Leno also spent about 10 minutes at the car.

In any case, it got me first in my class, in fact the guy I beat (who took second in the class) was the winner of Best in Show at last year's Pebble. So I knocked-off the reigning champion with your stuff.

Happy to recommend

Rick Schmidt - NPD, National Parts Depot

Gary - member Lamborghini-talk.com forum

I first saw Neil Chadwick's Triple Play wax/detailing product on this forum. I thought I would try it. I have had many professionals detail my cars over the years and have paid as much as $400 for someone to clay it, take out the swirl marks, spiderwebbing, etc and sure it looks great when they're done but $400 is pretty steep so I don't do it too often. I have a few orbital buffers, and professional detailing machines but it took forever and I always had to spend time with a paint brush to remove the white wax from the edges of the clear bra, ... I first tried it on my grigio telesto 08 SL which shows spiderwebbing very easily due to its flat but shiny gray color. Neil's instructions to not wash the car but use a little on the car and wipe it off after 10 seconds didn't sound right to me but I tried it. Then you just spray a little more then gently rub it with a sponge with a thin layer of rubber (no hard pressure) then wipe it off with a micro fiber cloth. This process is repeated for the entire car which only took me 20-30 minutes and my car came out amazing! It felt like I clayed it and machine buffed and removed all the white was in the cracks.

This product doesn't leave any white residue to have to clean up, which is great. I used Zymol normally but always had to clean up the residue wax with a brush which takes as long as waxing the car. It didn't have any oxidation grit that would be typically removed by a clay bar. It felt so slick that when I touched it, it didn't even leave any finger print marks or smudges. The finish was like glass and the reflection was so sharp, I could not see any spiderwebbing in the finish. Since I only did it 2 weeks ago (and it is still slick), I don't know how long it lasts. But since it takes no time to redo it, I'm happy even if it only lasts a month. I got carried away and did the rest of my cars myself and I never detail my own cars. I showed to my neighbor who has a special edition corvette and he wanted to buy it but I only had the one bottle. I loaned the bottle to another friend who did his Lotus Esprit and he wanted to buy it also. I did about 6 cars from the one 16 ounce (or so) bottle. I ordered the 2.5 gallon size from Neil for $150 (I think) and he was out of that size so he emailed me that he is sending 3 one gallon containers which I appreciate. I sound like a salesman for him but I am not affiliated with him or this product in any way. I am in SoCal and I think he is in Florida. I thought I would just share my experience since it is rare you actually find something that actually works better than you expect. 

Gary - member Lamborghini-talk.com forum

gallardogtr - member Lamborghini-Talk.com forum
Just received the Triple Play kit yesterday. I love it, it is so easy to use on all areas of the car. I have about 30~50 bottles of detailing products in my garage from spray detailer, wax, window cleaner, etc. Now I just need triple play and it does everything better.

The rubber block is way easier to use than clay bar, it also help spread triple play evenly before buffing. 

It works great on my satin black vinyl wrapped Gallardo. It made scratches that were already on the vinyl much less noticeable and give it a nice deeper, darker color, but not greasy. I do find circle buffing motion works better than north/south buffing motion on my 3m satin black vinyl wrapped Gallardo.

I took these pics with my phone camera last night in the garage. It looks way better in person.

gallardogtr - member Lamborghini-Talk.com forum


I used Chadwicks Triple Play on this barn find '83 Eldorado Convertible the other day...

This was my reaction....  The reflection shows it all. 


Styling Stangs of Hampton Roads  Virginia
I tried it on my car today (she was messy after the ice storm and rain and pollen.)  didn't wash it like directions said....(was weird lol) and man she shines!! and an hour after doing it a bird decided to aim at it and the sun baked it on....didn't see it till a few mins ago and took the spray and wiped it off......the dry poop slid off as I wiped it.  I know this stuff will be a hit with the club! I was skeptical at first but man you sold me on the stuff. my meguiars is now on shelf.  the tire stuff is fantastic as well, no sling on body and not too glossy and greasy. =)  again thanks, ill definitely spread the word and show my club and friends. I cant wait to go to the all fords nats and break out my bottle and clean the car. I wish I had known about this before I washed and scratched my 2010 gt washing it. 

Styling Stangs of Hampton Roads Virginia

Dan Aiken Regional Director SAAC Indiana

You are correct Neil Chadwick! My mind is blown!! Best product I've ever used.

Dan Aiken Regional Director SAAC Indiana

Comment: Hi Neil,
I just got back from a 2500 mile trip and I can tell you the car was dirty and really had a bug covered front end.
I was really hesitant to keep from washing the car before I started with your system. Instead I watched your video's again and decided to follow your system. What a pleasant surprise, I did a first time application with the bar and it took me about 2 hours to complete the whole car. I spent over 12 hours the first time I detailed the car and clay barred everything using multiple products from a premium product company. So in less than 1/4 of the time my car looks better than a 12 hour detail. I gave the car the baggie test and it is practically flawless to the touch.
Great product!!!

John D. owner of a Corvette C7

I was a skeptic, but ordered two bottles of Chadwicks product, to try. I just reordered, this time a gallon. I'm amazed by this stuff. Ease of application, and wipe off. And shine like I've never seen. 
I won't comment about, or denigrate other's products I haven't used (Z). But I have used many types of wax and polish, glass cleaners, and detail sprays over the years. 
This is the best, by far, I've ever used. 
Just follow the instruction on they're videos, use clean microfibers, and that's pretty much it. The very first time (as shown in the video) is a little more work, but not too much really. 
I use it on the glass, as well as the paint. Haven't washed my car, in quite some time. Money saved from not going to the car wash and water not used at my home, makes Chadwick even more affordable, practical, and thinking of conserving water as well, in my opinion. Also, their tire product doesn't sling all over as well. I can scarcely imagine using anything else, ever, on my C5. 
I just took all four wheels off, one at a time for deep cleaning. I use Rejex for this. But also gave them some topcoats (3) of Chadwicks, before re-installing back on the car. Look really nice. 

donald4972 Member of the Corvette Forum

Kary Ann K.  Washington State
I can't stop thinking about my Bullitt being on the Titus Will Ford - Ford Dealer Tacoma, WA dealership showroom last Friday. Looking at the picture you'd never know you were looking at a 6 year old vehicle. Looking at the picture my Betty looks like a new car ready to be sold. I have to give a big thank you to Neil Chadwick and Chadwick's Triple Play they are the reason for Betty's beautiful shine. After a year of using the product I'm still impressed with the final results. A lot of cars look great but can they stand up the the scrutiny of the showroom lights? I know a lot of you use the three dominate brands out there and it is hard to change when you've been doing the same thing for so long. But if you ever find yourself wondering if there is something better out there I urge you go visitwww.chadwickstripleplay.com, read about Neil and learn for yourself the history of this product. In the end after all the dollars you've spent on those other brands and all their different multiple stage products why not try a single stage product that will save you money in the long run. Save you money and give any vehicle a winning shine.

Kary Ann K. Washington State

I'll throw up my testimonial too. I have a silver 2001 vert and got my Triple Play kit a few days ago. Today I had a chance to put it to use and like everyone else that has used it, I'm extremely impressed! To begin with, I don't consider myself a detail expert but I do know several different (time consuming) methods and I worked for a dealership for several years back in the day. I used to be pretty anal but now I have better things to do with my time plus I've gotten lazy over the past several years. So after reading all of the positive reviews and very few negative reviews, I bit the bullet.
Regarding the customer service, you'd be hard pressed to find many businesses that are as responsive as Neil is. I asked him for some advice thru PM and he was amazingly quick to respond (don't know how he does it because I'm sure he gets tons of questions just looking from what I can see from the forums). Since I have a vert and I had been using Raggtopp to clean it in the past, I asked him what he used on his and he said the Triple Play can basically be used on everything including the top, glass, wheels, interior. Which kind of pisses me off because now I have a full bottle of Raggtopp that I can't use anymore 
Since it was the first time and I was a little hesitant at first, it took me about an hour and a half to do the whole car including the top, windows, wheels and tires (like everyone else says...the tire dressing is off the chain!). It's amazing how smooth the paint feels after using the block. It's the craziest method I've ever heard of and it doesn't seem like it would be possible to replace washing and waxing but I'm sold. It's Chadwick's for me from now on. Now, I will say someone mentioned somewhere on the forum that after doing their car, it seems like some scratches and paint chips stand out more and I kinda agree. I only have a couple of paint chips but they do seem to jump out you now, so now touching them up is a priority. 
I know there are plenty of naysayers out there but most of them haven't tried it. Sucks for them cause they're missing out. This stuff is legit. Thanks Neil!

Ronrico - Corvette Forum, Rowlett Texas

Tracey K.

"Many of you know I am bold and straight forward. Some of you are family, friends from over the years, car enthusiasts or listeners from my previous life on the air. Most of you know I don't endorse any type of product I don't believe completely in. As a matter of fact, I have taken my name off several commercial clients during my years on the air if I didn't completely believe in a product's capability or client's service. When I was told about this new product, I wasn't completely sure it was for me. After all I'm old and stubborn and very set in my ways. After watching a couple of demonstrations, I felt sure this was something I definitely wanted to try but was still a little shy of. I'm very overprotective of my car. It's like one of my children. I even named her The Black Widow when I got her. So the car is a very touchy subject with me. I picked up my product Friday afternoon before our Club Meet at Furious 7. I had previously scheduled some tint work for Saturday. So all day Saturday I counted the clock down patiently awaiting the pick up of The Black Widow. I was itching to try this new product out. The sun was starting to set when I started on my hood. I couldn't believe the results. Water spots-GONE. The product striped off any dirt, spots and left a clear amazing shine on the car as if I just picked it up out of the showroom. I was so excited at this point I worked into the darkness until I couldn't anymore. I woke up at 6 went outside to start back on the exterior. After church I worked on the top of the car which by the way was the worst part showing every little water spot since I bought the car almost two years ago. I finally finished up the Black Widow and still can't get over the incredible shine and mirror like exterior. Before when I washed my car and used spray wax I only thought it was shinny. This time with my new product, The mirror reflection was absolutely clear almost like I was looking through a completely focused camera lens where as previous washes resemble a camera out of focus. Stopping right there for a moment to tell you, I'm not a company representative, I'm not getting paid or free product from this testimonial. This is first hand working knowledge of how this product is the most effective car product on the market. How can I tell you this is the best? Justin and I have probably one of the largest shelving units of car washes, waxes, detailers and tire shines on the market. We could open our own automotive shop and start detailing cars. So I have tried just about anything on the market. Chadwick's is a waterless product that has completely baffled me trying to figure out exactly what's in the bottle. If you're still reading this post, then I am sure you love your vehicle just as much as I do. With that being said, I know you are doing a disservice to your vehicle if you aren't using this product. Every other product I bought prior to Friday night is in the TRASH! Our family will never use anything but Chadwick's. I am posting the pictures after I cleaned her up today so you can see the amazing shine she now carries. I am also tagging some of the rep's you can contact about obtaining this product so you can see for yourself These pictures were taken from different angles from on top of my step ladder to lower ground shots. None of them are edited in any form or fashion . Chadwick's Is the best kept secret on the market! But it's time to get the word out. After all, what kind of friend would I be if I let you keep putting harsh chemicals on your ride. You won't be disappointed! You can contact Donald Shirreffs Parker Black or Aaron Bickel for more information on the product." Tracey K.

Tracey K.

Sheila from Louisana


I love Chadwick's Triple Play and I can tell I am one of the world's biggest skeptics! I am an everyday driver of my C7 and the road grime and water spots from the rain were horrible. Not to mention I live in Louisiana and the humidity is aweful. So that's what I delt with . Well instead of ordering Triple Play like I needed another cleaning product I called Neil Chadwick. Poor guy I had a million questions and amazingly enough he answered them. I could not believe that he answered the phone to begin with much less talked to me. I had to try the product. Omg the shine is amazing! The rain water beads right off of the car and by the time I get home it's dry. Simply amazing! I can not say enough about the car. Also I must mention that since Neil Chadwick has been in the detail business for so long I still call him with little issues and he still answers my questions. I am a believer and will never use anything else on my car. I buy it by the gallons and I love the tire sling as well!! Thanks Neil!

Sheila from Louisana

We used CTP for the first time a few weeks ago on our new C7 Stingray and were very impressed with the results. The product worked exactly as advertised. So, then we decided to put it to the real test and tried it on our jet black BMW X5 and the results were the same... a showroom shine without any swirls. Now, we're totally convinced -- this is an amazing product! We just ordered a gallon of Chadwick's Triple Play as we intend to use it on all our vehicles from here on out.

C7 Corvette Stingray Experience

Louise C.  -  Palm Beach Gardens, FL

When my daughter arrived home from college with her white Subaru that looked like she driven thru black paint, I panicked. I called the number on the bottle & WOW Neil picked up the phone. You made it very clear DO NOT WASH her car WITH SOAP & WATER. I NEVER pulled her car out of my garage. I put tape down the middle because I knew no one would believe me how dirty her car was. The results were REMARKABLE. You are a genius & these photos I have taken is the proof that No One should ever clean their car again the old fashion way (soap & water). The only product & system I would ever use is Chadwick's Triple Play. I am PROUD to say every car in my household is CHADWICK'd! A loyal customer for life...

Louise C. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Chadwick's Triple play is absolutely the best detailing product I have ever used. I had first found this product at Lamborghini of Palm Beach. I have been detailing cars for over 18 years so I am always curious what everyone uses or little tips and tricks. First of all I am a vette head... I have a fully worked ZO6 that Hpsalesflorida custom built for me for road racing etc.. So back to the Lambo story. I was having some work done and I noticed the head detailer using this product. I asked him if I could try it.. he said go ahead. I sprayed the hood of a murcielago then wiped it clean and could not believe how well the product worked. Not only did it clean the surface, it was super slick, it left no streaks, and had a shine that blew me away. This product is so effortless. and if you do the blocking system you will see for yourself that your paint will feel like glass. It took me a little while to grasp that I only needed one product. Well now I use 2 products, chadwick's triple play and chadwick's no sling tire dressing. period.. This product had me sold and plus the fact that Lambo uses it on cars that are well over 200-700k it was a no brainer. There's no fluff or gimicks it just works. Try it once. I did! Thanks Neil for your constant support and amazing product that you have perfected! Get chadwick'd

mackatallica Corvette Forum

megawatt1203 Corvette Forum

Received my Chadwick's kit a couple days ago and thought I would give it a try. Application was easy, results were great. Recently used a synthetic wax followed by a carnauba wax, so my car was in pretty good shape. My car is always clean and shiny, but I am not OC about it like some. I am not an expert detailing, but I know a nice finish when I see one, and that is what I ended up with. My car has never been shinier or as smooth to the touch. Buffer blocked the entire car and really noticed the difference on the hood and rear end. I buffer blocked the rear end 1/2 at a time to compare the two, the difference was night and day.
Tire shine gel worked well with real looking results.

I for one will be a customer.


megawatt1203 Corvette Forum

Member of  Styling Stangs of Hampton Roads Club
Thanks again to Neil for sending out to our mustang club your products. I was skeptical of it at first, who washes a car with out water lol....BUT man i am a believer.  this stuff works!  my car is a 2010 gt named "ticket" she is an outside car and the birds love to poop oh her. our club was going to have a show but venue got cancelled so I decided to try out the gift from neil to see if it works. I did my car today as directions said...still felt funny with out washing it in water...but it brought out a shine that made her look like she did when I got her from ford. The birds even tested it and after it sat in sun (poop) the spray stuff took it off like it was a Teflon skillet. the tire stuff didn't spray out from tires after driving it....the only drawback  I see is that I didn't use this stuff from day one! i am going to do this at a tech session for our monthly mustang club meeting and pass along the word that this is some great stuff!
 A new believer, 

Member of Styling Stangs of Hampton Roads Club


" I've been a car guy since before I was old enough to drive. I bought my first Porsche at 19 and my first Ferrari at 23. I collect vintage Ferraris and Mercedes Benz. I've never found a detailer who could finish my cars as well as I could so I learned how to detail my own cars in and out myself from a young age. I've tried many of the highly touted products out there and have had great results. I heard about Chadwick's Triple Play and it looked like it had potential. After using the product on my BMW 650i Convertible, I must say it is the best automotive care product I've ever used. My car looks better than when it left the showroom. Neil's guidance throughout the process and his customer service is without peer. Try Chadwick's Triple Play and you'll be a believer. I won't use anything else on my cars. "

Jack K from Camarillo, CA

I'm in Australia where Gallardos are very rare and Chadwick's Triple Play is even rarer! We have no Lamborghini forum site here but I watch (and contribute) to this site regularly and have been watching all the supposed hype about Chadwick's Triple Play and decided to give it a go. Neil was VERY helpful replying to my emails (about shipping costs to Australia) VERY promptly and surprisingly the stuff arrived in perfect condition in less than 7 days which is better than Amazon or EBay's delivery to Australia, it was at least as fast as anything I get from overseas (which is a lot!). I used the Chadwick's as per the instructions and I gotta say that it is BETTER than you guys make out! Maybe its because we don't have the variety of products in Australia but all the main brands you mention on here are here but not your real boutique ones like Chadwick's. I am a detailing "junkie" to all my cars and show a car at least once a month (sometimes 2 cars.... I get my wife to drive the Lambo as it's her favourite!). I have ALL the brands.... you name it.... if a forum says it's good, I've used it but, seriously, NOTHING is as good as this stuff..... you shouldn't get this good a shine for so little effort, it just doesn't equate (i.e. you "should" have to work a full day to get anything like this shine and yet I was done in 90 minutes).... I really hope the guys I show against don't get onto this stuff! It will be great going to a show from now on. Because of the distance I travel to get to the top competitions (up to 8 hours, but usually about 2 hours) your car can look dirty by the time you get there - not anymore - I'll do a quick Chadwick's when I get there instead of spray on detailer. Was there anything I was unhappy about? Well, yes, the postage - it was $A155 (about $140 US dollars!), Neil only passes this cost on he doesn't make a cent on it, it's a USPS rip off 100% so I've suggested to Neil to get an agent in Australia (which he is working on) and then I believe, once correctly promoted on the forums and at car shows, it will sell extremely well here.
So my verdict is.... even though the postage is a rip off (for now), I will be a regular buyer whatever the cost. 
It's the best I've ever seen or used! Regards ED BURTON

Ed Burton from Australia

Dude very impressed with the product & I’m not just saying that. I did my wife’s car fist minus the clay bar & was somewhat impressed but when I did my 80 with the bar I was blown away. This car was in my opinion looked as good as it could FYI I have been cleaning on this car for 3 weeks on & off. Your product removed stuff from the paint other cleaners  clay bars didn’t. The car has a different look & this is a honest no BS statement. Next I tried it on our 15,000 org mile 04 dark gray lightning & once again blown away. The last of my spay was used on my friend’s white GT that sits outside year round. Now we did wash this car first because it was just so dirty plus I didn’t have the product to clean the car with. I did his hood & just like the others I was so impressed.

Mike C. from Mustang Week

I received my order from Chadwick's a week or so ago and this past week I tried it out. I was very impressed how easy it was to use their products and the professional looking results that I achieved.  I really put their product to the test on my truck, which I'm ashamed to say looked bad. I Used the product as the instructions said (ie; apply without washing the vehicle first), and I was happy that it does everything that Neil said it will do!  Next I had to try it on my Z and again I was very happy with results. I know that there a lot of good products out there and I appreciate all of the wonderful ideas, To be honest when Neil made post on this thread, it told me that Neil is a man who believes in his products and who see customers as people who want their vehicles to look great, instead of man you wants you to just but his product. There is a difference. He provided me with Customer service where you could tell they enjoyed dealing with me instead of you're being a pain attitude, that is too commony now days. 
Chadwick's rocks!

MYZ061080 Member Corvette Forum

Fred and Debbie's 1995 Torch-Red Convertible
 Hello Neil:  Well buddy, I can officially say, " I've been Chadwicked, or my Corvette, anyway"! Debbie and I applied the triple play system to our 1995 Torch-Red Convertible, and words cannot  express the outcome and the ease of use! I, as you know, as others were, was skeptical!  Debbie and I, as a team, did the whole car, windows, wheels, and rag-top, in about 35 minutes. And that's with blocking it the first time. I probably used more than I should have, using 3/4 of the bottle. I realize it is concentrated and will spread it out more next time. The Vette shines like there's no tomorrow and it's that deep penetrating gloss! We are heading to a classic car show on Brigantine Island, New Jersey, where we live!  Neil, thanks again for a great product and being such a "hands on" owner. You've got a customer for life and we will be  tellng everyone to "Get Chadwicked"!!  Your friends, Fred and Debbie

Fred and Debbie's 1995 Torch-Red Convertible

Hey Neil I received my kit yesterday.  Wow!!  This stuff is amazing!   I will be ordering the gallon jug in the near future.  Your tire dressing is the easiest and cleanest tire product I have ever used.  I wish you made air fresheners that smelt like the tripleplay...lol.  Thanks for the great service and the stickers.  Jason

Jason from Saskatoon, Canada

Dale H. Washington State

I'm grateful to my friend, Kary, for introducing me to Chadwick's Triple Play. I cannot believe the shine that I have and afterwards I was driving home and received a compliment from a complete stranger on how nice my car looked.

Dale H. Washington State

I used Triple Play on my three cars over the past 6 weeks.  WOW!  I have to tell you--my '95 Chevy truck looked great, and even better was the way the single stage painted '66 Mustang shined after application.  It was really spectacular.  In fact I took that car to a show two weeks later and received several compliments, no doubt in part to the way the car cosmetically looked.  Nearly all the swirl marks left from a previous wax product are gone, too.  This past weekend I used Triple Play on my '96 Mustang.  I have owned that car since new, and can honestly say it's been a long long time since it has looked this good.  Your product easily blows away the normal "cleaner wax" product I normally used.
Expect a reorder from me shortly ;) -Sam

Sam G - Member of Vintage Mustang Forum

My son just joined me here in Maryland after crossing the US in his 2001 Zo6. He left from L.A. and drove through Utah, Colorado, Kansas, and on to the East Coast. Before leaving we Chadwick'd his car for the first time. Then he put in an xPel cover on his hood, sides and side mirrors. Made sure he had his Chadwick's bottle for the trip. Came in handy each night to get rid of road dust and grimes. A couple days ago as we were Chadwicking our Corvettes in the driveway, our neighbor came over and was amazed at the shine on the cars. She drives a Porsche Panamera. She asked me where she could get your product and to buy it for her. She will reimburse me since she is not too internet savy. You should be hearing from me in the next few days for another order.I am attaching a picture of our 2 Corvettes recently Chadwick'd. My son’s is on the left (2001) and mine is a 2002. Thanks again for a great product, All the best Laurent,

Laurent from Maryland

Hey Neil
Just wanted to send you a picture of my brother in laws Challenger and my Corvette all "Chadwicked" up.  I also wanted to thank you for a great product and giving me the advantage to take the win as the top C5 at my first ever car show.  Jason S.

Jason S. from Canada

Hi Neil,
Great to talk with you last week! 
I received my gallon today so will be able to clean up again after hitting some rain on the way home from the car show last weekend.
Here are some pictures of my 1971 Chevrolet K20 that my brother and I built. Started out as an old farm truck with a flatbed. Much more work than I had imagined as a newbie restorer!
Thankfully my younger brother is a professional auto body man and was able to teach and help me with it. Was about a year and a half project in my brother's home garage.
I've been fortunate to be recognized for our work with wins at four car shows over the past two years including last weekend. We have about 4 or 5 a year that are within a 3 or 4 hour drive of Kalispell, MT.
As I said on the phone I've used other dry wash products for the past two years on my truck. Dri wash, Maguire's, Eagle One, Lucas, even Griot's after wanting to upgrade from off the shelf auto store products. After spraying Chadwick's on and wiping off I thought, "hmmm, pretty good. About the same as the others." Then I used the buffer block. I've used clay bars for years so understood the principle but didn't understand how a rubber block was going to have the same effect. After blocking, wiping, and buffing a little I was BLOWN AWAY at the results. It was literally like nothing I've seen except after an entire day of washing, clay barring, taping off, rotary buffing, rotary polishing, hand waxing, removing wax by hand, and removing the tape. And even then fingerprints were easily "applied!"
I have a feeling I'll be a customer and an advocate of Chadwick's for a looong time!
Next is my 1969 427 Monza Red Corvette! :-)

Kevin M. from Spokane WA

Neil, "Just finished these two. It really is great stuff! Count me as a regular customer" Thanks, Tim


Jason H.  founder of SuperVettes, Port St. Lucie, FL

"C7, Chadwicked. Amazing product."

Jason H. founder of SuperVettes, Port St. Lucie, FL

Kevin M.
Neil,  I am not even sure where to start about your product so I will start with a little bit about my truck. I have a 1930 Ford Model A Pickup Truck that was passed down to me by my Grandfather. With that being said I am very particular about what goes on my truck, when and how. I must say I was rather skeptical about it at first and very nervous about "washing" my truck without any water and wait "waxing/polishing" it without washing, sounded nuts and too good to be true. However, I decided to give it a shot anyway. My truck was a frame off restoration a little over 14 years ago so the paint is not fresh. It has been trailered across the country on an open trailer, stored in an enclosed trailer, kept outside for a couple months while I put a new motor in it and gets driven constantly so it was definitely time for a polish and cleaning (it had not been washed since last October due to the loss of my engine and moving around; it's August now). So my dirty, dusty, grease printed truck got its first wash in months by being Chadwick'd.  My initial thoughts were what is this stuff and I'm not impressed. That's when I decided to read the directions again and realized I missed a step. What a critical step it was, the need to take a dry microfiber towel and buff it out. Let me just stop here and say, Wow! Once you take that final step and buff it out, quickly and with little effort I may add, that is when the magic happens, I was blown away! I have spent hours in the past waxing and polishing my truck and I have never had results like these. The paint has a depth to it that I have never seen before and enough shine to blind the passing cars. My truck now looks good enough to eat off of and is as smooth as silk. It is so clean and shines so well in fact that I don't even want to touch it! I must say you have made a believer out of me and from now on my vehicles will be Chadwick'd! Thanks for such an amazing product and you better believe I will be telling everyone I know about it! 

Kevin M.

Kenneth P.

I normally don't post pics of my Mustang dirty, but here it goes. Do you have a dirty back end, then you need Chadwick's Triple Play. Cleans those dirty back ends right up. This was not even 5 minutes, one bottle, and one towel. Thank you Neil Chadwick for making a product that is simple to use, inexpensive, and makes everything else look like they belong in the trash can.


Kenneth P.

Bobby D.

Chadwick Beautiful!

Bobby D.

Jaric H. - Wild Stangs

"Would anyone like to buy a rather large stockpile of meguiar's and mother car care products? It's quite apparent that I no longer need them!!! I am dead serious. I have clay bars, polishes, waxes, chrome polishes, etc... Would love to sell it all as one big lot." Wild Stangs Jaric Henson 
Oh and Aaron Bickel & Kenneth Parks, you didn't tell me this stuff smells so good to boot!!

Jaric H. - Wild Stangs

Stephen B.

AMERICA! Nothing more American than Old Glory, a red Corvette, and Chadwick's Triple Play!

Stephen B.

James from Quebec, Canada

I couldn't be more satisfied that I believed into the "hype". After all the positive reviews I've seen, I just had to give Chadwick's Triple Play a try. I was skeptical about a showroom finish in less than an hour, but I can honestly say, my car looks even better than the day I bought it. This stuff goes on easy just as advertised, smells absolutely great, and even left my windows cleaner than ever. My order was taken care of by Neil Chadwick himself. I was blown away that he took the time to chat with me about the product, how it works, and why he's confident that once I try it, I'll always be Chadwicking my cars. Well, He was right, I am sold 100%, Thanks again Neil,

James from Quebec, Canada

Harley Rider - Corvette Forum

A couple of weeks ago I entered my 2015, Artic White with Adrenaline Red interior convertible in the Mississippi Corvette Classic.

I drove the car a little over 100 miles from my home to the event venue in Jackson, Miss. picking up road debris, bugs, etc. along the way. When I arrived I gave the car an application of Chadwick's Triple Play and applied a coat of Chadwick's Tire Dressing.

As my car was being judged, one of the judges asked what I had put on the tires, and I replied, "Chadwick's Tire Dressing." He commented that the tires looked really good, uniform black without the greasy look of most tire dressings.

The judges made some more favorable comments as they inspected various sections of the car and one congratulated me for having such a clean car as the departed for the next car.
Much to my surprise, I was fortunate enough to win 1st in Class and Best Of Show.

The Mississippi Corvette Classic was only the second show of any type that I had ever entered. In April of this year I had entered it in the Hot Springs Corvette Weekend Show in Hot Springs, Ark. where I received a plaque as a Class Finalist.

Chadwicks was a huge help in Hot Springs, as well. I had driven there, 250 miles, in the rain, so my car was really nasty when I got there. My wife and I applied Chadwick's in the hotel parking garage. Thanks to Chadwick's, here was no need for a water hose, buckets and all the other items needed for car wash. 

As you can tell, I'm really impressed with our forum sponsor, Chadwick's Products.

Harley Rider - Corvette Forum

C5R USA - Corvette Forum
Originally Posted by C5R USA 
Guys...I ordered Chadwick's Triple Play a month ago and finally had the opportunity last night to see what it could do. After spending a few hours driving my 'Vette in intermittent rainfall, I made it back home into the garage, where it sat drying to my displeasure because, what's the point of pulling out the hose and all the hoopla in the driveway when's it's raining?

After a couple hours, the car had achieved that unsightly brown film especially on the rear bumper, wheels, accompanied by the countless water spots. My normal mindset in the past was like, " I have a lot of work to do"

I said okay...It's time Chadwick's Triple Play lived up to the hype.

I started with the rear bumper per instructions, and after completion I felt the equivalent of scoring a touchdown on a "Hail Mary".

This product is "UNBELIEVABLE"!!! The entire car...paint, polished aluminum wheels, and chrome were restored to their satisfactory luster without so much as breaking a sweat and achieved better results IMO, than pulling out all the other products and laboring hours trying to achieve the same thing. All the while laughing, as it continued to rain outside and working in a garage in close quarters because I have another Vette parked next to the one I just Chadwick'd.

I'm here to tell you in my own words without coercion or endorsement, this product IS the GENUINE ARTICLE!!!

I'm happy to say that all the money that I've spent sitting on the shelves for various premium products has gladly come to an end. 

Neil, you have "The" detailer. I'm completely sold and will continue to purchase your product in the future.

Thanks again for an absolute effortless product with "car show" results.

Don't wash your car....Don't polish your car... Chadwick your car!

C5R USA - Corvette Forum

I Chadwicked my vette a couple of weeks ago, and what a remarkable result. I'll never wash and wax my vette again! Triple Play the only way!
you want your rubber seals and plastics to shine, use the Chadwick tire shine on them, you won't believe the results, your dashboard as well.

Surfer G Corvette Forum

BIG B FAB - Corvette Forum

After researching the product and reading multiple reviews with NO negative results I though I would give it a shot. I PM'ed Neil and placed the order on Wed evening the 16th, received a tracking # on the 17th and had the product in hand on the 18th! On Sat morning the 19th I applied the product carefully following the steps as instructed and with in the first section of the car I knew it would never be the same. 

I am amazed on how easy and quick the process was! I for one never like to wash and wax because it takes a ton of time especially on a black car. (to do it right) The entire initial process took ME about 3 hours. I think results may vary. I was also amazed that the spray and tire shine can be used all through out the car. Rubber trim, plastic moldings, windows, interior panels, etc. So no need to buy multiple items when detailing your car! How nice is that?! 

I had a few questions about the care of the micro fiber towels afterwards and had Pm'ed Neil. He gave me his number to answer them all. We talked for a half an hour and I could hear the passion in his voice about his product! It was a pleasure also Neil! The only problem I have now is not knowing what to do with all the extra shelf space in my cabinet now that I don't have to use the 20+ bottles of detail supplies! 

Thanks Neil for an awesome product and even better customer service! I'm Sold!!


BIG B FAB - Corvette Forum

Bruce M. Scottsdale, Arizona

My Dad worked for Ford and Chrysler as I grew up as a kid outside Detroit. I have always been around and loved cars. (my Dad secretly owned a 1958 and 1961 Corvette when he worked at Ford) I owned a 1964 String Ray Vert, 1998 Coupe and my current Black 2008 Z06. Probably like most car guys, I have tried everything that advertised an amazing shine. I ran out of room to store the stuff in the garage and have now filled up the laundry cabinets in the house. As I said, being a sucker for something that sounds new and better, I read about the Triple Play on the Forum and ordered. I just tried it today. It is as close to a car shine miracle as I have ever seen! I usually finish washing and waxing my car and have a sore lower back from all the rubbing and bending over. Not today!! I don't know how it happens, but just spraying and wiping today exceeds any polish, wax or spray I have ever used. It is like a miracle that my car looks like it does with so little effort. I have to say, I just don't get some of the critical comments I have read on this thread from people who have not tried Triple Play. The reason I know you haven't tried it, is because if you had, you too would be writing a Post praising and thanking Neil. I plan to Chadwick my wife's car tomorrow.

Bruce M. Scottsdale, Arizona

Pirateslife4me Corvette Forum

My review... Ok just finished and lets see here. First off Neil posted yesterday asking me to call him before I got started. I was just about to pick up the phone and do that but he called me first! Had a nice conversation with him. He is definitely all about his product and on level 11 enthusiasm. I can honestly say I've never had anyone call me to make sure I was happy, informed and ready to go with their product. 

Now for my experience: My C5 got caught in a sprinkle on Monday and was just enough to leave dirty spots all over it and not enough to wash it off. I did as directed by Neil and did not pre wash the car. Sprayed it with triple play (in sections) let sit about 10 seconds then wiped it over and repeated the process moving around the car on all panels. I then did the same this with the foam pad/bar process wiping down each panel before moving on. I then went through with a new clean MF towel and buffed the little bit of haze off the entire car. I will note that i paid no attection to what I sprayed triple play on. I sprayed the paint the moldings the lights, even all the windows and wiped it all down. I then Sprayed some a MF towel and did my crome z06 wheels and new corsas exhaust tips. 

After the final buff off with the clean MF towel I used the No Sling dressing on the tires, the inner fender wells, the black wiper cowl, wiper arms, window trim. It was looking so good I went and got another sponge (that was a new generic wax applicator that I cut off the terry covering) and I used the No Sling Dressing on the doors, dash, center console, airbags everything that was black! 
at that point went back to my triple play and did the all the door jams too. 

Conclusion: In the end I spent about an hour and a half doing the whole car inside and out and the results are pretty amazing. I mean the car was damn near perfect before so I wasn't really expecting much more but holy schnikes it looks like a calm red lake on a sunday morning! and the feel of it??? Holy Crap-ola its freaking slicker than a politician tongue! I swear to all things holy rubbing my hand on the car I started to get aroused... (WHOA WHOA WHOA TMI TMI its not that kinda forum!!! ) 

The No Sling equally kicks ass too its not greasy and nasty and just makes everything black super black with not a shinny dipped in butter look but a sitting on the showroom floor of the 2014 auto show shine. 

now for the bad news: I used more than expected and prob have enough to do it maybe more 2 times without the buffer block which really shouldnt be needed again for months to come. However using the buffer block means you basically do the car twice so your going to use twice as much as you would under normal cleans I also did it outside under a detail car port area on a pretty windy day so I'm positive I sprayed more that I would have needed to if i waited until i got home to do it in my garage however patience is a virtue im still working on ;-) 

Other bad news: My C5 is now so damn clean and shiny i found paint blemishes (crack in paint on headlight door cover) that I had no idea were there... thanks a lot Neil! :-) 

More bad news: ummmm seriously there is no bad news Neils Triple Play product worked just like he said it would and just like every other review and I'm in the car business and have been for over 30 years I got started detailing cars and still to this day even though I have professional detailers on staff I prefer to clean and detail my own cars so I'm a bit close minded when it comes to new wonder products but I also believe the proof is in the pudding and unless you try it for yourself you really have no way of knowing. I am glad that I gave it a shot and I will be placing an order for a gallon of it today. 

Finally: If anybody in the Orlando Area that is skeptical or curious that wants to come see and hell I'll let ya try it on a spot for yourself feel free to hit me up

Pirateslife4me Corvette Forum

Paul  from Modesto CA

Hi Neal, have gone thru my first starter package of triple play, now ordered a gallon. This stuff is amazing and I'm telling everyone about it. Thanks so much! 

Paul from Modesto CA

Well I did my car. All I can say is this stuff is NO joke! I have used alot of products in the past 20 years. I have to say lacquer finish is my favorite. The new paints have a plastic look to them. I have used everything from 3M to Griots products and several in between. This stuff is amazing! Keep in mind my car is BLACK! The depth is awesome. Highly recommend to try it!


jjc4scab Senior member of Lamborghini-Talk Forum

Ordered with a lot of apprehension, decided to test on the rear of the car. It was so easy, finished the car in the time it would normally take to wash it. Shine is incredible and ssooooooooooooo easy. 
Getting ready to take my car out of storage and once it is back home the first thing I will do is "Chadwick It" then stand back and enjoy.

dquagliaroli CF Senior Member Corvette Forum

runner61627 member Corvette Forum

I used Chadwick's Triple Play on my yellow 2000 convertible vette today and quite frankly was absolutely blown away by the ease of application and the stunning shine that resulted. I used No Sling on the interior leather seats, dashboard and all trim. Looks fantastic and no residual "goop"! With such fantastic results I immediately placed another order for larger quantities of Triple Play and No Sling tire dressing. Also called Neil after I placed my order to add even more stuff! Had a great chat - thanks Neil! I'm a customer for life!!

runner61627 member Corvette Forum

Porxter Member Corvette Forum from Santa Maria CA
I would like to thank Neil for getting my order to me quickly. I ordered the basic kit and an additional gallon of Triple Play. I don't know what Neil's normal shipping policy is, but he didn't charge me any shipping. For those of you who have been asking for a discount, there it is right there. It's not cheap to ship 13 pounds across the states! To me, that was like getting a 10% discount. Anyway, THIS IS THE EASIEST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER USED. PERIOD.
My paint now feels smoother than glass. Almost like sliding your fingers over a hard, smooth plastic. Trust me, anyone can use this, and the Buffer Blok is incredible. His microfiber cloths are at least twice as thick as the ones I buy from Costco, too. This is so easy to use, there is nothing to it. Try it, you'll be hooked!
Here are a few pics of my 190,000-mile 1999 Magnetic Red Tintcoat C5 and my Fiance's 149,000-mile 1997 BMW 328i Convertible after getting Chadwicked. Although I don't think I had done the tires, yet. But like others said, the tire dressing is amazing, too!

Porxter Member Corvette Forum from Santa Maria CA

Skeptical, that is the perfect word to describe my thoughts upon hearing about this what I now consider to be an amazing product. When i first heard about CHADWICKS I was like, right... I'm just supposed to spray this on and wipe it off... I don't think so. After a little internal struggle I threw caution to the wind and decided to give it a try. Upon receiving my kit I read the instructions, which were simple to follow, I started using it and much to my surprise my car was coming clean and not being scratched, in fact after using the buffer blok i noticed less swirl marks and little a bit of paint correction. Works great on black plastics as well as windows and rims. The kit also comes with a no sling tire dressing which actually does as it says, NO SLING.

The only thing I can think of that I would recommend to anyone using this product or thinking of using this product is that a little bit goes along way, I used a whole bottle on my car the first time I used it and later learned that I should have been able to get several cleanings out of it, oops.

I am a "car guy" and I recommend this product to all my friends and any other "car guys" i know and meet. I know this is the perfect product for detailing
any car and I stand behind CHADWICKS 100%.

Russell Lance - Port St Lucie, FL

OK, Neil. You know I'm a fan and highly recommend your product whenever I can. But there is one question for which I can't seem to find an answer. Why did you name it "Triple Play"?
I'd call it a Home Run!  

c5vetteguy Corvette Forum

Just finished mine and the reviews are right on. It's so easy that you won't believe that you have completely cleaned your car. This process clearly leaves ALL other methods as antique. Neil thanks for a great product.

Member of Corvette Forum

Neil I have to tell you that your product is amazing. I detailed my wifes 1971 Karmann Ghia convertible, and my 1985 Volkswagen Doka Doublecab pickup truck. Unbelievable how well Triple Play works, Wow!!! It was alot of fun and I am ordering some more product this week. Thanks Neil, I also love the video help on your website! God Bless

Randy M. California

I have been using Chadwicks for about a month, love it, easiest product to use I have found.

bjones7131 CF Senior Member Corvette Forum

Chadwicks' Triple Play exclusively on my Z. 
Product is amazing and Neil really takes good care of his customers

laurent_zo6 CF Senior Member Corvette Forum

Mastertvtech CF Senior Member Corvette Forum
Since trying Chadwicks a month ago I am a true believer.....One product for paint, glass, chrome, interior with pro detailer results....Once I did the original application, it only takes 30 minutes front to back, top to bottom...Wash and polish in one step with no water.

Mastertvtech CF Senior Member Corvette Forum

Comment: I used Triple Play recently on my 1999 black Mercedes E430. It looks like there is a sheet of ice on the car and the shine looks like it is a foot deep. Mind you, this is my baby and I keep between "showroom" and   "like new" condition. I have used all kinds of waxes, poilshes, cleaners, etc. etc.to keep it that way. Triple Play is by far the easiest to use and so far gives me the best "eye popping" result. of anything else I have used at this time. I also have a 1946 Plymouth, A 1979 Mercedes 450SL and a 1991 Mercedes 300 Turbo Diesel. I have used Triple Play on all three with equally astounding results.

Chuck S.

andrec10 CF Senior Member Corvette Forum

CHADWICK'S! The shine gets better and better the more you use it!

andrec10 CF Senior Member Corvette Forum

Mr31FlavorsVette - Corvette Forum

Well, as a follow up to an earlier post, I finally got to use Chadwicks Triple Play to wash my car. I have to say that I am very impressed with this product. As others have stated, it's ease of application and removal are top notch. I am especially impressed by the silky smooth finish and shine it leaves behind, not to mention the great smell my garage has for days after. I also used Chadwicks No Sling Tire Dressing which I easily applied with his foam applicator. Great stuff!

Dealing with Neil has been an absolute pleasure, he's extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful. I've given up all my other products I used in the past and have become a true fan of Chadwicks. I have to admit, I was as skeptical as others here, but I'm now a believer. Btw, my car is a daily driver and just turned 14 years old. The pictures are from my phone.

Mr31FlavorsVette - Corvette Forum

CR5 - Corvette Forum

Another advocate and loyalist to this outstanding and unique product. Neil is a great guy, and without a doubt has tremendous people skills and a wealth of knowledge. It's very clear to see why Lamborghini employs him, and uses his product exclusively. Got a very nice Christmas email from him, and nice note with my fairly recent reorder.

I too, have a black 2000 but, not encumbered with the OP problems with heavy-duty water spots. The first time I used Chadwicks Triple Play was in the garage after getting caught in a good down-pour on the way home. This product is absolutely a breeze to use and does it ALL. Paint,chrome, leather,glass, polished wheels. About the only little extra effort I had to put in was cleaning the Corsa exhaust but, it shined up just like it had before, if I used Turtle wax chrome polish. I can't explain in words how nice it is after all these years to just have ONE product do the entire car. Chadwick's and some good micro-fiber towels and you'll need nothing else, and achieve the same and IMO better results than carting out various products for one purpose. 

 The gloss and depth it brings out along with the "finger" touch is gratifying. I never had a problem putting my car cover on till I used this product. It slides around quite a bit more

Considering after all these years how many of you like me over decades have spent hundreds, thousands and countless hours laboring over our pride and joys. Don't you think you owe it to yourself and your wallet a break? $69.99 for the kit is a bargain. No more waxing, no more polishing, no more washing...Just Chadwick's Triple Play

CR5 - Corvette Forum

I've known Neil Chadwick for over 20 years and am excited to see his dream of an all inclusive care car product be realized. His passion for car detail is only matched by his love for sports and friends. He has worked diligently for decades perfecting his craft and creating Chadwick's Triple Play. So you can only imagine how excited and proud I was to receive Chadwick's Tripe Play for use on my 12 year old Convertible BMW. I've hand washed my BMW from day one when it was purchased brand new. I admit that over the years, I've not used the best methods for cleaning and shining my car, and probably have damaged the incredible paint job applied at the factory. White cars show dirt streaks from the aerodynamics of the flow of water and dirt, and it has become quite a chore to "scrub" those streaks off the paint. Chadwick's solved this problem with little effort.

Amazingly, the streaks come off with one swipe of the micro fiber cloth and product. Washing, scrubbing, shining and buffing are no longer necessary…just Chadwicks. I can clean my car any place I enjoy since I don't need water! I've only applied it once, and excited to see how much better my BWM will look after multiple uses of the Triple Play product. Detailing my car has become fun again. Not only is it easy, it's affordable. I believe that I'll get another four applications from the one bottle. I'm saving water, time, energy, and more importantly, reviving my cars original luster.

Thanks and congrats Neil!

Bobby Wright - Norfolk, VA

I want to start off thanking Neil for shipping the triple play kit even the freight charges cost more than I paid. Neil paid the different. all the way to Hawaii.
I have a beautiful black 08 couple driven only once or twice a week, I wash it after each time with foam gun, 2 buckets and finally black fire sealant. I've been reading all the Chadwick review but took me over a month to decide to give it a try.
Let me tell you the product is AWESOME, I will give it a 10 from easy to apply, the shine has a mirror finish and the no sling ROCKS.
I am sold and I'll be ordering by the gallon size next time.


808c6 Corvette Forum

Sven's Speed Shop  -  Lake Park, FL

Chadwick's Triple Play has helped us save a great deal of time and water, just made washing a car hassle free and more efficient. The best of all, our customers are amazed with how their cars look when they pick it up!

I own Sven's Speed Shop in Lake Park Florida. Our policy is to clean all cars that we work on, no matter how big or small the job. One given day Neil Chadwick walked in my door and introduced himself. He noticed all the nice cars in my shop. He asked me how I would clean them. So I explained him how I put them outside and wash them with soap and water in the dead heat and sun. He then introduced Chadwick's Triple Play and procedure to me.I was very skeptical of course, I took this opportunity and put it to the test on a dirty black car I had at my shop. Make a long story short. This product has totally convinced me!

I have been using it for years now and all my own cars as well as my customers are Chadwick'd!! It is hassle free, saves a lot of time, saves the environment and my customer love me for their Show room quality clean cars!

Chadwick's Triple Play rock's

Sven's Speed Shop - Lake Park, FL

I am one of those guys who likes to keep his vehicles clean.  Tired of wasting your time & effort?  Chadwick Works!!  Cleans polishes and protects.  Even better.... It's simple & easy to use.


Scott L. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

As an owner of a C4S Porsche & Cayenne, I was very hesitant to use a product on my cars before I hand wash them to clean off the dirt & grime.  I tried Chadwick's Triple Play, and I am totally impressed and amazed your product. I will never have to soap and water wash my care again, which is huge living in North Carolina, and having 4 cold months of winter.

It took me 15 minutes to Chadwick my Carrera $S, and a little over 20 to Chadwick my Cayenne.  Here's the clincher, not only does it clean my cars, ot puts protection on them everytime they are Chadwick'd and the shime is incredible.  I don't have a clue what's in your prodcut Mr. Chadwick, but I can tell you, it's a WONDERFUL Product.


Cyril Johnson - Winston Salem, NC


Ready or not, below is our honest opinion of "Triple Play"

We have been using Chadwick's Triple Play to clean up all our customers vehicles for over 4 years. We specialize in European vehicles (Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Rolls Royce, just to name a few) and we hesitate to introduce any product to the finish of these vehicles. When Neil first demonstrated Triple Play to us it was a match made in heaven. We have such a high request of customers asking us "How do you keep these cars so beautiful", we don't miss a beat and let them know that we use Chadwick's Triple Play.

Raymond Allen
Robert Doremus
Technicar - West Palm Beach, FL

I am certifiably “car crazy”. I purchased my first car when I was 13 years old, (a restoration project) and have never been the same since.

I can honestly say that over the past thirty years that there isn’t a single car care product on the market that I have not thrown money at, be it exterior, interior, tires, soap, glass, etc. When a friend approached me with Chadwick's Triple Play that uses no soap or water, I can honestly say that I wasn’t just “skeptical” I was borderline “defiant”.

After “relentless persuasion” I finally “surrendered”, put down my hose, bucket, and wash mitt, and gave it a shot. We then proceeded to “clean”, “polish”, and “protect” my vehicle, hence the name Triple Play. We followed the simple instructions, enclosed with the kit, including a “blocking” process that produces results as good or better that any clay better system that I have ever used, with probably 1/16 of the time or effort, I was nothing short of amazed with the results, I was sold…

I am so happy with Chadwick's Triple Play for so many different reasons, I don’t know where to begin. One of my favorite things is that you can use it on the ENTIRE vehicle, exterior, interior, wheels, (brake dust “runs away” after using Triple Play) EVEN the glass, to achieve a Rain-X results, I will also say your car will stay “cleaner longer”(mine seems to). Another thing that I am particularly fond of about Chadwick's Triple Play, unlike paste or lotion waxes, you will never have any white build-up around thing like windshield washer jets, black trim, or black rubber moldings, etc. It makes ALL of that look “factory fresh” as well.. Because anyone who has ever waxed a car knows that you can spend an entire Sunday afternoon working very hard on the car, you get finished, and just a bit of white build-up around the above mentioned areas, and the whole car looks bad, especially black cars, not an issue with Chadwick's Triple Play, spray it everywhere, the results will make you happy. I could go on and on, but you to will see results when you purchase YOUR kit..

One other thing about Chadwick's Triple Play that puts a smile on my face, is even though my what I call a “pleasure” vehicle, (non- daily driver) sits in a climate controlled garage, with a cover on it, and NEVER sees rain, to go out and pull the cover off, give it a quick Triple Play touch-up in about 10 minutes, the results are incredible for such little effort….

The other item included in the kit, is the Chadwick's No Sling Tire Dressing, I have used every product on the market, and this is by far the best product I have EVER used, the results are unparalleled. The ease of application with the pad included with kit, the long lasting results, ZERO sling, non-greasy, dry to touch, also perfect for black non-painted trim, it even smells good !!

The final thing I will mention is how I was able to streamline my garage, I recently threw away two full recycling bins FULL of dozens of products, (not to mention $100’s) because they were inferior, and I no longer need them.. All I now have on my workbench is a couple of spray bottle of Chadwick's Triple Play, Chadwick's No Sling Tire Dressing & applicator, some micro-fiber towels, block, oh & and a “back-up” gallon of Triple Play…. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED !!!

Derek M. Prentice - Palm Beach Gardens, FL


This is to inform you that your prodcut Triple Play, is the best thing that I have seen and used.  It is so easy to use and the best thing that is has no wax, to leave finger prints behine after you open and close doors.  For chrome it leaves the chrome like a mirror finish, again with no finger prints when you touch it, so it leaves the chrome with a protective coating wax and silicon free. Everybody I come in touch with and see and use it very impressed with it.  Thank you for turning me on to the Triple Play.

Thank you,

Conrad - Georgia

Chris M.  -  Jupiter FL

I have been using Chadwick's Triple Play on my ride for over 3 years now and absolutely love the results!!! I used to detail cars when I was younger for many years so I thought I'd try it out. The first time I used it I had not washed my truck in 3 weeks because the weather had been horrible so it was extremely dirty! I was worried that if I just sprayed the Triple Play on and wiped it off that it would scratch my truck because of all the dirt (as you know black paint shows everything!). I called Neil Chadwick and asked if that would happen and he assured me it would not scratch it. My truck is over 15 years old and still has the factory paint on it and to this day I still have people asking me where I got it painted. Every time I use Chadwick's Triple Play it look like I just waxed my truck. I also use it on the glass and no matter how hard it rains the water runs right off.I am extremely impressed with this product and would highly recommend it to everyone! I have been Chadwick’d and I suggest you get Chadwick’d too!

Chris M. - Jupiter FL

I've been using Chadwick's Triple Play religiously for about a year now and I can't express enough how utterly remarkable this product is. I live in the desert (Scottsdale, AZ) and my car is blue so the dirt, dust and grime collects and shows extremely easily. No matter how much gets on the paint and regardless of how long I go without washing it, one coat of Chadwick's Triple Play gets the jobs done every time. My car is left with an intense shine and despite the fact that it is 6 years old, it looks brand new. It is safe to say that may car will never be run through a traditional car wash again.

Steve B. - Scottsdale, AZ

Neil I was uncertain when you announced the new and improved triple play...Sequels never measure up. Upon first applying I thought this stuff isn't up to par. Wipes a little different, hmm might leave some residue, how could Neil improve the old stuff he's crazy. I will continue anyway just because he says its improved. Yea right. Then I preceded to wipe dry and BAM THIS NEW STUFF ROCKS! Now what do I do with the old for the new is way way better and easier to apply. Not to mention the shine is that of a still lake on a sunny day! Dude I need some more one gallon was a tease. Sorry to have doubted you O master of Triple Play!

Chris - Louisana

We've been using Chadwick's Triple Play for several months here at Earl Stewart Toyota and couldn't be happier with the results. Our detailers love it because it takes a fraction of the time and effort to produce beautiful results our customers love. Triple Play is a time saver and a money saver. I give this product two thumbs up!

Jason Stewart
General Manager
Earl Stewart Toyota - Lake Park, FL

Triple Play is an amazing product. We have been using it on our fire engine at station 31. Our engine and rescue both look parade ready and our cleanup time after a fire is 18 minutes per vehicle. The more we use it the better it works. No products of combustion even stick to our trucks now. 24 years as a firefighter I've never seen anything like this. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK TRIPLE PLAY TEAM! You protect our trucks like we protect you.

Eddie O'B. - West Palm Beach, FL

Justin Pierce </br> Auto Elite Group / JP Details  -  Wellington, FL

All you need is Chadwick's products in your detailing arsenal! Chadwick's products are very easy to use and the end results will amaze you every time. Chadwick's Triple Play makes your car look like it was 3-stage buffed and it will cut your detailing time in half if not more! We have used many products from all different manufactures over the years but we now use Chadwick's exclusively. All of our cars at Auto Elite Group and JP Details have been Chadwicked! Not only do they make great products but the customer service is hands down the best! Go get your vehicle Chadwicked! You won't be disappointed!

Justin Pierce
Auto Elite Group / JP Details - Wellington, FL

I am usually very hesitant when I buy a product on line or site unseen, but my neighbor raved about your product.

When it arrived promptly the instructions were easy & precise. The results were even more amazing. My car has never looked so good. Congratulations on a great product & I love the fact that it is made in America.

Mary S. - Norfolk, VA

I have used Chadwick's Triple PLay for about 6 months on my everyday cars. I decided it was time to try it on my priced Harley. My bike NEVER looked this good even the day I picked it up (4 yrs ago). I pride myself on being a detail kind of a guy & I must tell you I have never used a product that the results are consistent & better than showroom new.

Thanks Neil Chadwick, you have made keeping my toys not only easy, fun but looking & feeling incredible.

Mike W. Lubbock - Texas

Hey Neil, You are the king of detailing but I'm close behind after using Chadwick's Triple PLay. You were right when you said, I could get the same results you do everyday…. Make two cars look absolutely amazing. I told my neighbor I paid $200 each to have them detailed & he wanted the guys name before I even finished the sentence. Got to love it.

Thanks for a great product & an incredible system.

A loyal Triple Play customer

Scott H. - Palm Beach, FL

Dear Mr. Chadwick,

For Father's Day my daughter sent me a Chadwick's Triple Play kit. She knew I had just purchased another classic corvette to add to my collection. I have been a car collector for the past 28 years. To cut to the chase, your product line is the BEST products, the BEST results I have been able to get on my classics. You made this so easy, easy directions, easy applications. I don't usually write testimonials/reviews but Chadwick's Triple Play deserves the world to know it is the only thing I would ever use on any of my cars. I have been spreading the word about Triple Play so I guess my cars will not be the only ones looking PERFECT.

Best regards,

Edward L. - Palm Beach, FL

To Chadwick's Triple Play: WOW! Your product is unbelievable but what I can't believe is that my wife is actually cleaning her own car now. I needed to share this with you. I crack up that she actually goes into the garage with her morning coffee, twenty minutes later she comes into the kitchen all excited on how great her Acura looks & always reminds me how her manicure is still perfect. ha, ha only my wife.

Don P. - Tequesta, Florida

THANK YOU, thank you, thank you… I have been using Chadwick's Triple Play on my car from the first time I tried it..I can honestly say that my car has never looked so good. The finish is so smooth and shiny. Its like a gloss polish from the nail salon. I can do it myself and it takes 10 minutes. The car wash prices in Texas cost 20.00 and up.. I save money and my car looks better than any car wash. It cleans, polishes, and protects. All i need to do is spray, wipe & go.. I love this product

Rosemary B. - The Hills, Texas

Stan Hoffinger, age 27  -  Boca Raton, FL

9 months ago, I made a big life step and purchased a new car. This go around, I wanted to make sure I took as good care of it as possible. A buddy of mine recommended Chadwick's Triple Play to keep my new car shining bright. I was originally hesitant a product without using soap & water could successfully clean my car without leaving scratches, but after taking the challenge, I was more than pleasantly surprised. In just a little over 30 minutes, in the comfort of my apartment parking lot, I cleaned, polished & protected my car with the shine of the showroom floor. It was easy, quick, and efficient. For someone who has an "old school" mentality, I will never wash my car the traditional way again. From here on out, I will only "Chadwick" my car. 

Stan Hoffinger, age 27 - Boca Raton, FL

Frank M.   -   Jupiter, FL

I recently bought a new car and purchased Chadwick's Triple Play and let me tell you that it is a remarkable car care product.

I was amazed how it shines & protects the car's paint. Gave me perfect streak free windows, leather that wasn't sticky and plastics where no dust will stick. Plus the No Sling Tire Dressing didn't mess up my clean white car like all the other dressings I've tried in the past. Another great thing is that it only takes about 30 minutes to detail my entire car . I recommend this product to everyone.

Frank M. - Jupiter, FL

Ken Harris -  Yorktown, VA

After a recent trip to South Carolina, our 2011 Jeep Wrangler “befriended” thousands of bugs on it’s leading surfaces. These “friends” were able to visit for about ten days in the summer heat and humidity of Virginia until I was able to find time to get rid of them.

My first thought was to call Neil. I’ve known Neil for about thirty years now and I knew that he would have an answer as to a simple yet effective way to clean our Jeep. (I’m getting lazy in my old age!)

I told Neil what I had and he instantly told me about his Chadwick's Triple Play System, three steps in one bottle”  that he developed. “Chadwick’s Triple Play.”

I’ll admit, I was skeptical, but I know Neil, I know his love for cars & I know his experience! This stuff works! AND it only took about an hour! Just as Neil told me!

Just spray a mist on a section & allow it to sit for about 10 seconds, then wipe it off. The baked on bugs took a second application, but they are gone! The Jeep looks better than it did when we bought it!

I used “Triple Play” inside the Jeep, outside the Jeep & even on the glass & plastic windows. The Jeep has a soft, smooth feel and a shine a mile deep & leaves no fingerprints. 

Thanks Neil for the heads up & for looking out for me!


Ken Harris - Yorktown, VA

I have been washing and waxing my own cars for the past Forty (40) Years.

Chadwick's Triple Play is like a dream come true! With the ease of using just one product, and cutting my work time in half, I have attained fabulous results. The car feels smooth and has a sparkling look!

P.S. You can use it anywhere, no water needed!

Susan Leah Schwartz - Forest Hills, New York

Bruce Zeller  -  Bethel, CT

I would like to proudly say that I am now a "Chadwicker". I used Chadwick's triple play to clean my 06 Ford Focus. It could not be easier. Everything is included - solutions, applicators and video instructions. The car looks great - can't wait till drive it through the neighborhood. Doesn't take long and much easier than driving it to the car wash where it gets banged and slapped around. Only problem is - now my wife, son and daughter want their cars "chadwicked." It will be my pleasure.
Thank you Neil Chadwick.

Bruce Zeller - Bethel, CT

“Chadwicking my car took only an hour to an hour and a half whereas washing my car the traditional way would have taken two to three hours. The result was better than expected. The spray alone gave a beautiful shine to all areas that should be glowing. I highly recommend the Chadwick Solution to anyone with a car.”

Isaac Harris, 17 years old